Footwear Request Form

The sky is the limit. Anything you can think of can generally be conveyed with a custom pair of sneakers. Here is your chance. These quick 4 steps will get your new custom footwear project in our door and out to you without the hassle. 

1. Purchase your custom order via the "Footwear" tab within the top bar. Select either "Vans" or "Jordan" from the drop down menu. Finally select either "Vans Footwear Order" or " Jordan 1 Footwear Order" 

2. Choose sneaker base model by selecting from drop down menu and the option that matches your custom order idea

3. Immediately after purchasing, submit explanation of what you want done via “Footwear Request” include all information in regards to exactly what you want done. Vans sneaker base model, shoe size ( Mens/Womens ), materials wanted for example leather and what color, suede, reflective etc., Links to images that you want used. Image files will also need to emailed directly after request is received. Confirm shipping address

4. A mock-up design will be emailed to you for your approval before work will commence

Please use this form to submit any requests for custom footwear. Pricing starts at $300 USD (Includes base footwear, materials, labor and shipping). Need a quote? Have an idea? Shoot it here! Please allow at least 48 hours for response due to demand.  Include shoe make & model, shoe size and a detailed description of what you want done. Include your desired theme and include links to reference pictures in your explanation. Provide color way preference and material choices (Leather, Suede, Denim etc). All these details are critical in designing and bringing your custom footwear design to life.  All payments via Paypal or CC/Debit. Invoices will be sent after approval of custom order and must be paid within 72 hours. Failure to do so will result in cancellation of order and loss of reservation. 
Thank you